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i might have possibly laughed quite hard at this

i might have possibly laughed quite hard at this

June 27, 2013 at 6:59 PM | Post Permalink | 38 notes

Welcome to Platform 9¾

Hey Emily here, how you guys doing tonight huhhh ? cool cool cool now shut up for a second i wanna get serious… you guys know theres a way to get people thinking about tumblr without even talking about tumblr ? you just gotta do it… subliminally . Watch and learn. "hey babe, its such a beautiful night, follow me now"

im sorry that sounded terribly rude, especially if you do not 'get my reference' so ill just briefly say that i love all you guys, especially if youre a mutual cause that is just aca-awesome! yeah so basically check out my blog, its basically all you will ever need to know if you wanna talk to me :) now this is way too long oops

"Those patient Hufflepuffs
are true and unafraid of toil"

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